Updates to grants for lockdown-impacted businesses

Updates to grants for lockdown-impacted businesses

The Queensland State Government has provided further clarity in relation to the grant available for small business and businesses operating in the tourism and hospitality sector, affected by the latest lockdown. Further information is available here.

The clarity is in respect to the Federal Government contribution outlined here. Total grant funding available has now increased with the Federal Government topping up the QLD Government grant.


Queensland Government grant for each business

Federal Government top-up

Total grant available

Non-Employing Sole Trader



Small business




Small business with payroll above $1.3 million




Large business with payroll above $10 million





Eligibility Details

To access the grant, businesses must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Employ staff (employees must be on your payroll and this does not include any business owners)
  • Have an Australian Business Number (ABN) continuously held from 30 June 2021
  • Be registered for GST
  • Have a Queensland headquarters (i.e. your principal place of business is located in Queensland) and have been trading in Queensland on 31 July 2021 (*Note: This appears to be a departure from the advice previously given which stated that business’ need only operate in Queensland and be affected by the lockdowns here)
  • Not be insolvent, or have owners or directors that are insolvent or an undischarged bankrupt
  • Have an annual payroll of no more than $10 million (except for large businesses and not-for-profit organisations operating in an identified tourism and hospitality sector – see below) during any of the 2018–19, 2019–20 or 2020–21 financial years
  • Have an annual turnover of over $75,000 during any of the 2018–19, 2019–20 or 2020–21 financial years (*Note: Businesses that have recently started operations can provide financial records to show they will reasonably meet this turnover requirement in the 2021–22 financial year)
  • Demonstrate the business or not-for-profit organisation was directly or indirectly impacted by a lockdown event
  • Demonstrate or declare a reduction in turnover of 30% or more during a nominated seven day period
    • This must include at least one full day of a lockdown event when comparing against turnover achieved during the same seven day period in July or August 2019
    • If the 2019 period does not indicate a typical weekly turnover (e.g. for a recently started small business or business that has experienced structural changes), include another comparable period (e.g. the same period in July/August 2020).

Large tourism and hospitality businesses and not-for-profit organisations must ensure they are undertaking business activities in any of the identified Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZIC) code industry areas (see below), and meet all eligibility criteria (although businesses in this category can have an annual payroll greater than $10 million).


ANZSIC codes

4400 - Accommodation

4511 - Cafes and Restaurants

4512 - Takeaway Food Services

4513 - Catering Services

4520 - Pubs, Taverns and Bars

4530 - Clubs (Hospitality)

4820 - Water Passenger Transport

5010 - Scenic and Sightseeing Transport

7220 - Travel Agency and Tour Arrangement Services

8910 - Museum Operation

8921 - Zoological and Botanical Gardens Operation

8922 - Nature Reserves and Conservation Parks Operation

9001 - Performing Arts Operation

9003 - Performing Arts Venue Operation

9131 - Amusement Parks and Centres Operation

9139 - Amusement and Other Recreational Activities n.e.c.

9201 - Casino Operation

9209 - Other Gambling Activities


Applications are now open through the Government website. For more information on the grants, or to check the eligibility criteria, talk to your trusted Focus Advisor.