As many of the Government incentives introduced during COVID-19 start to dwindle away, the Government are promoting businesses to grow and hire additional employees through the JobMaker Hiring Credit.

The JobMaker hiring credit is paid every 3 months in arrears to employers (does not need to be passed onto employees) commencing 1 February 2021 for the first JobMaker period: 7 October 2020 to 6 January 2021.

In order to be eligible for the JobMaker hiring credit, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Employer:
    • Cannot be receiving JobKeeper during the same period
    • Reporting employee data through STP (Single Touch Payroll)
    • Operates business in Australia (including not for profit & deductible gift recipient)
    • Holds an ABN
    • Is registered for PAYG Withholding
    • Up to date with Income tax & GST returns
    • Satisfies payroll increase & headcount increase conditions
  • Employees:
    • Are an employee of the entity during the JobMaker period
    • Are aged 16-35 years old when they commence employment
    • Started employment on or after 7 October 2020 and before 7 October 2021
    • Worked or have been paid for an average of at least 20 hours per week during the JobMaker period
    • Have completed a JobMaker Hiring Credit employee notice for the employer & have not provided one to another current employer
    • Received one of the following payments for at least 28 consecutive days (or 2 fortnights) in the 84 days (or 6 fortnights) prior to starting employment:
      • JobSeeker payment
      • Parenting payment
      • Youth Allowance (except if receiving as they were undertaking full-time study or are a new apprentice)

Payment rates are determined by the employees age when their employment with the employer began:

  • $200 per week – employee was aged between 16 & 29 years old
  • $100 per week – the employee was aged between 30 & 35 years old
  • Not applicable – all other employees

Registration can be made at any time until the program closes, however, you must register before the end of the claim period for the first JobMaker period you want to claim for.

If you meet the above criteria & have recently employed new staff or are planning on hiring new staff, please contact us to assist you in registering and applying for the JobMaker Hiring Credit.