Allen Hertel – Director

Allen Hertel Director

Allen Hertel – Director

It’s difficult to believe that Allen Hertel, forensic accountant, audit specialist and fraud investigator who has appeared in court as an expert witness, was asked in his first year of University to take a year off by the Faculty!

This was the beginning of what is today commonly called the ‘gap year’ and it presented an opportunity to learn valuable lessons that would underpin his success as a business person in his own right, and provide the skills and leadership necessary to guide others.

During that time, Allen worked as a trades assistant for a property developer. The work was hard, dirty and full of reality checks on what earning a living was all about.

His interactions were with a wide cross section of people who ranged from employees and contractors to small business owners and it provided an insight into his boss’s development company.

There were lessons on every aspect of how to run a business and frequently, how not to.

Eventually, Allen returned to study and this time he was ready. So ready in fact that he won the Graduate Prize for Accounting and all the hands-on experience and first hand knowledge he learned during that time has been put to good use throughout his career in commerce.

He worked for Deloitte and KPMG in Brisbane, practices that are considered among the “big four” accounting practices in the world.

Today with over 25 years of experience in audit, taxation and business services which includes business restructuring, financial analysis, fraud investigations, expert witness testimony and tax planning, Allen enjoys a diverse role that has set many individuals, as well as small and large businesses, on a course to success.

By nature of his audit and forensic accounting specialty, Allen naturally looks outside the box and applies advanced problem solving skills used in investigations to his day to day business accounting services.

Ultimately, Allen’s clients enjoy a higher level of leadership, proactive planning, lateral-thinking problem solving and management of their business accounting than is commonly available.

Allen advises on all aspects of personal and business accounting providing appropriate structure for achievement of goals and effective management of cashflow, which he considers among the most important issues for local businesses owners who are affected by the Sunshine Coast’s fluctuating economy.

In addition to providing business leadership, Allen is also a community leader. During his student days he was a Life Guard in Ballina. Today he remains an active member of Mooloolaba Surf Lifesaving Club involved in voluntary beach patrols.

He is a member of numerous local business associations including Maroochydore and Caloundra Chambers of Commerce and believes in supporting local endeavours.

To this end, Allen represents Focus Professional Group in supporting the University of the Sunshine Coast’s business faculty programs.